The Banquet


  2013 $2,429.85

  2012   $2,637.55

  2011   $3,502.79

  2010   $2,470.00

  2009   $2,634.84

  2008   $1,653.99

  2007   $1,300.00




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Keloland Story of Christmas In Brandon



Make it a Merry Christmas for someone less fortunate.

Our family has been truly blessed. We are not asking for any donations for the display. We do ask that if you had a good time and would like to make it a Merry Christmas for some of the less fortunate, please make a donation in our donation box. 100% of the donations will be donated to The Banquet in Sioux Falls.


Can I donate directly?

Yes. You can donate directly by clicking on the "Financial Gifts Link".



Why did you choose "The Banquet"?

Our family had the opportunity to serve with our church at The Banquet.  Carolyn shared stories with us about different people who come to The Banquet for meals.  We heard first hand about people who lived in their cars, who just couldn't make ends meet, or who just ran into some bad luck.  This was very eye opening for our sons.  It never occurred to them that not everyone had a roof over their heads or money for food.  We enjoyed serving at the Banquet and visiting with the people.  Our boys keep asking, "When can we go serve at The Banquet again?"